I’m the COO and VP, Product Development at THRIVE Learning System. I have degrees in professional writing and philosophy from Ithaca College in New York.

I’m not a consultant.

Let’s get that out of the way.

Why? Because consultants take on the approach of “I’ll help you do what every other company in the world is doing.”

No thanks.

So if I don’t consult, what do I do?

I’m a writer and technologist that helps companies discover their identities, communicate, collaborate, and then implement scalable solutions and effective strategies to enable them to react and adapt to today’s complex business world. 

Regardless of the project we do together – writing services, market research, sales pipeline design, or anything in between – the first thing I do is use my propriety communication system to virtually interact with every key stakeholder throughout the organization – ideally, I’ll interact with every single person.

And I just need emails or mobile numbers to reach out via text. The days of setting up phone calls and meetings are over. I know people’s time is valuable, so I’ll only ask for what I absolutely need. Learn more about this technology at www.gothrive.io.

I do this for a simple reason: discovery and consensus. I have no interest in working with a business unless I’m able to include everyone in a project, not just the executive suite.

Reach out below to start the discovery process, check out my resume here, or learn more about the business services I offer.