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Projects and Case Studies:

Westinghouse Nuclear

Westinghouse implements a formal, documented feedback process called the Knowledge Working Observation Program. An Observation refers to managers giving feedback to their employees regarding specific knowledge worker skills, such as Validating Assumptions or utilizing a Questioning Attitude. Their process for the last several years has required that managers log into a system and document 4 of these Observations each month. They are not seeing the levels of engagement or usefulness that they would like to from this process.

Westinghouse needed a way to:

  • Establish a baseline around the current process – How do managers and their people feel about it? What do they think is the point? Is it useful for them?
  • Reinforce why Knowledge Observations are important.
  • Measure and Monitor how both managers and employees perceived an Observation after the interaction took place.
  • Develop and communicate a set of best practices to managers.
  • Analyze the quality of these Observations, as opposed to just counting the quantity.

Read the full case study here!